creative regeneration
creative regeneration
sarah luczaj

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creative regeneration

helps you plug into the joyful, energised natural state that is your birthright, through creativity. we move softly through meditation, focusing, freewriting and intuitive painting, gently unblocking judgements and stuckness until you're right back in your bliss, and your power.

dr sarah luczaj, author of creative regeneration (wayward publications, 2020) curates the space and offers coaching activations, group sessions, retreats and an online course to do in your own time

is a place

to receive guided meditations, videos, invites to monthly group sessions, and also to share writings, paintings, experiences, reflections, and meet others who use the process.

feel free

to post and share whatever you sense, feel and think related to the course materials, your experiences in workshops or on retreat with me, and any creative offshoots!

thank you

all proceeds from creative regeneration go straight into the terrealuma healing refuge. sarah luczaj is the co founder of this magical permaculture farm where we work with nature, music and chanting, and offer spaces for healing, spiritual and creative retreats